Motel One has been calling on Tenbrink’s expertise since 2009, initially just as a furniture supplier but now as a complete renovator and fitter for new hotels throughout Germany. During the period from 2009 to late 2018 alone, we fitted out and renovated around 2,000 rooms per year. We therefore know Motel One’s design and quality requirements inside out – and we always implement them to the letter.

For new buildings, Tenbrink HotelPlan not only handles the production and layout drawings for the bedrooms but also the furniture supply and assembly. This naturally calls for close cooperation with the construction companies and general contractors. For renovation projects, however, the focus lies on execution plans based on the interior design concept. Here, our range of services includes bathroom and tiling work, plumbing, ventilation, air-conditioning and electrical work, walling, flooring and furniture supply – often as the general contractor.

Motel One has high expectations in terms of budget reliability, quality and adherence to deadlines, and our specialists have fully met all of these requirements right from the start of every single project. When carrying out renovations during ongoing operations, Motel One also places great emphasis on keeping disruption to a minimum, which is one of Tenbrink HotelPlan’s key competencies. Extremely short lead times repeatedly pose a major challenge when handling new projects: for example, customers sometimes request changes just two weeks before the building work is due to commence. Fortunately, we are often able to fulfil these requests at very short notice thanks to the outstanding flexibility of our specialists.

Motel One is characterised by the individual design concepts of its hotels, which integrate themes inspired by the immediate surroundings while ensuring a high recognition value. Some of Tenbrink HotelPlan’s individual creations include giant stained-glass windows to tie in with the Cologne Cathedral theme, 3D-printed paper aeroplanes as a decorative element and a bar counter in the style of an aeroplane wing.

Motel One is particularly delighted with Tenbrink HotelPlan’s renovation speed and adherence to deadlines.

An overview of Motel One projects:

Berlin Bellevue

public area, 248 bedrooms

Berlin-Upper West

582 bedrooms and hallways

Berlin Alexanderplatz

708 bedrooms

Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt

public area, 140 bedrooms

München Schwabing

434 bedrooms (completion by Tenbrink: April 2017)

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“The very high-quality materials used in Motel One establishments are by no means a matter of course for a budget hotel chain.”

Hubert Merschformann, Company management