The budget is a top priority in all areas for MEININGER Hotels, since the company combines the best of both hostels and hotels. Its project managers therefore particularly appreciate Tenbrink HotelPlan’s expertise as an experienced hotel designer.

Since October 2017, we have supplied Meininger with our complete “Furniture, Fixture & Equipment” (FF&E) package and parts of our “Operating Supplies & Equipment” (OS&E) package. At the same time, flexibility plays a key role with every project, because MEININGER plans each hotel with a new and individual design. Tenbrink HotelPlan is the perfect partner to equip MEININGER’s new buildings in a flexible and timely manner because it can produce its own furniture and successfully carry out the most diverse projects. At the same time, our focus constantly remains on implementing all designs in line with the budget and meeting all of the technical requirements.

Once a mock-up room has been created, our specialists generally take care of the entire furniture production and assembly as part of the roll-out phase. Our carefully planned project management and finely tuned logistics always play a decisive role here. Almost all of the bedrooms at MEININGER Hotels are designed for several people, which means that often over 800 beds need to be transported and mounted in a single hotel.

The design always incorporates local references: in many regions, the theme of “Steel” can be repeatedly found, whereas other hotels place emphasis on special surfaces. The high beds are a characteristic feature in MEININGER Hotel bedrooms.

The public areas of the hotels score points by combining an industrial look with local references. For example, the MEININGER Hotel in the Berlin-based Schultheiss-Quartier shopping mall offers a particular highlight: we produced a special copper-look reception desk that is reminiscent of a brew kettle, as a nod to the building’s former use as a brewery.

An overview of Meininger projects:

Meininger Hotel Berlin East Side Gallery

245 rooms, public areas, back-of-house areas

“At Meininger, the focus is on implementing designs in line with the budget and meeting the exact technical requirements.”

Alexander Böing, Project development