The Hotel Kaiserhof in Münster sets its sights firmly on its goal: the four-star high-end hotel is specifically aiming for the region’s number one spot. In September 2017, the company therefore opted for an experienced partner capable of renovating a hotel during ongoing business operations while meeting all budget and quality requirements. Tenbrink HotelPlan’s specialists had already helped the hotel with various renovation services between 2002 and 2004.

But for its most recent project, the hotel requested Tenbrink HotelPlan’s full range of services: from advice on the design concept and furniture production to the fully furnished bedrooms. The customer focused on strict adherence to deadlines, a good price/performance ratio and excellent quality of all items of furniture and works performed. A particular challenge was posed by the variable floor plans of the bedrooms, for which Tenbrink HotelPlan produced flexible elements.

The new bedroom interiors now boast a classic yet luxurious character that perfectly suits the Kaiserhof brand. The main colours include gold, black and brown, whereby colourful accessories add a touch of understatement.

An overview of Kaiserhof projects:

Hotel Kaiserhof Münster

“For Hotel Kaiserhof, the focus was on providing uncompromising quality in terms of both the design and the materials. Our specialists fulfilled these requirements to perfection.”

Dieter Peters, Company management